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New day new town

First chance at fast internet

So, today is september 5th. We are in Mcloud gange( where the Dahli lama lives) he was speaking this morning, we did not go see him, But we could hear him from the room and it did not sound like english (or slovak) So we figured that we didn't need to go see him.
Yesterday we were in Rewalsar A town that is important to 3 religions and has a lake full of fish. We had to lock the doors and windows all of the time so the monkeys, would not terrorize us. The town was nice but neither of us was excited about staying... so we spent the night and left the next morning 1 hour to get down the hairpin turns to Mandi and 6 to get to Darmasala, a half hour to get to mcloud gange. It was raining so our bags were soaking wet, from being on top of the bus. I had covered them with a tarp but one of our fellow Indian travellers was kind enough to uncover them for us and expose our stuff to the elements. I hope one day to thank him properly.
Regardless we are healthy and ready to keep moving.
We spent the 3 days before Rewalsar in a town called Naggar, it is known for its wooden castle, art gallery and gardens. In the 3 days we spent there we saw the wooden castle... which was a little bigger than some log cabins I have seen. Barbora had a bit of a cold and we were letting it take its coarse. We did not see much else. there, it was quiet and peaceful. the guesthouse we stayed at was clean and had fantastic views of the valley.
Before that we were in Manali. we spent 3 nights there as well. We made several attempts at using the internet but power outages and slow connections stopped us.
The 2 days before that we were traveling from Leh where we had spent 3 nights and before that 2 days traveling from Srinagar where we had also spent 3 night, which was after the 2 nights (1 day) in Delhi.

Now this should catch us up to now. After using the internet here now we will buy our tickets to Armistar close to Pakistan border, it is known for its golden Temple, and not alot else. the bus leaves at 5am from darmasala so we have to be at the stand at 3:45am here in town.
We will then head over to Chandigarh and then Hardiwar,Rishikesh, ... Agra...Jaipor and Rajistan then south toward the caves and beaches. Hopefully the internet will be more reliable and I can do regular updates on this blog. maybe later I will put some pictures on.

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Good horn, Good Breaks, Good luck

The 3 things you need driving in India

sunny 1 °C

We Arrived late night into Delhi international Airport On the 17th of August. Today is the 29th of august. Many days have passed since arrival. Power outages and slow internet connections being to blame. I will try to add pictures tomorrow to give some idea to where we are. I also will try to get the blog upto date by days. tomorrow as to what has been happening. Luckily not a whole lot.
We went from delhi to Kashmier to Leh to Manali. where we presently are. That is the nutshell version, Details to come... hopefully.
I am anticipating another blackout so this entry will be short.

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The beginning

Not where it all starts or started, just where this blog does..

-17 °C

I am starting this blog for the usual reasons. I am starting it with some time to spare before leaving for the next trip. we have less than 10 days until we (my Girlfriend, Barbora) and I leave from VIE airport to Delhi. I have been living in Bratislava Slovakia since February. Before that Georgia (home state). Before that Alaska (where I met Barbora). the 5-6months before going to Alaska was spent roaming with and without friends from Mexico City to Panama City. Until we leave and I have info on and pictures of India to show, I will add a few pictures of around Slovakia. I have hundreds but I picked some of my favorites but wanted to save some space for my 25mb monthly allowance.

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